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Kristian Gkolomeev

is a Greek Olympic swimmer with Bulgarian roots. He was born in Velingrad, Bulgaria, in 1993 to the parents Kristina and Tsvetan. His mother Kristina passed away when Kristian was born on the 4 th of July. His father Tsvetan was a famous Olympic swimmer for Bulgaria. Kristian has one brother - Niko and one half-brother Ivan. After Kristian was born, he, his father and his older brother Niko moved to Heraklion-Crete in Greece. Krstian's father, Tsvetan, was working there as a swim coach, so Kris grew up and went to school in Heraklion-Crete.

Kristian started swimming at the age of five, and it was the only sport that he fell in love with. Kris truly followed his father’s footsteps, the only coach he had until then and he learned everything from him. After Tsvetan passed away in 2010 from skin cancer, Kristian decided to take swimming more seriously and swim in memory of his father.

After that, he decided to move to Athens so he could live with his uncle and aunt for better training opportunities. In Crete Kristian did not have a lot of training behind him because he was really only doing it for fun. At the age of seventeen, he met his new coach, Akis Oikonomou of the Ethnikos Swim Club in Athens. A year later Kristian won a silver medal at European Junior Championships in 50m freestyle and a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships with a new Greek national record. He decided to continue his training and at age of nineteen he qualified for his first Olympics in London 2012. There he met the world renowned sprint coach Jonty Skinner who saw the potential in Kris. A year and a half later he decided to go swim and study for the University of Alabama where Skiner was working as a swim coach. Kristian had only 3 years of eligibility and he managed to become an NCAA champion three years in a row. Now he is still studying and swimming in Alabama as professional swimmer. Standing at 6’7 feet or 203 centimeters, Kristian is a natural sprinter.

Past and Future Events

34th European Aquatics Championships
 03-12 August 2018
  Glasgow, Scotland

50m Freestyle

50m Butterfly

LEN European Short Course Championships
 13-17 December 2017
  Copenhagen, DK

50m and 100m Freestyle

50m Butterfly

17th FINA World Championships Budapest (HUN)
 14-30 July 2017
  Budapest, HUN

50m and 100m Freestyle

50m Butterfly

 29 April 2017
  Louisville, KY, USA

50m Freestyle

 06-11 December 2016
  Windsor, CAN

50m and 100m Freestyle

50m Butterfly

XXXI Olympic Games
 05-21 August 2016
  Rio de Janeiro, BRA

50m and 100m Freestyle

4x100m Medley

4x100m Raley




  • 2 th place 50m freestyle
  • 4 th place 50m butterfly
  • 5 th place 4x100 m freestyle relay


  • 7 th place 50m freestyle
  • 20 th place 100m freestyle
  • 20 th place 50m butterfly

Rio (Olympics):

  • 13 th place 50m freestyle
  • 20 th place 100m freestyle
  • 10 th place 4x100m freestyle
  • 15 th place 4x100 m medley relay

London (European Championships Long Course):

  • 4 th place 50 m freestyle
  • 14 th place 50 m butterfly
  • 4 th place 4x100 m freestyle relay
  • 11 th place 100 m freestyle
  • 4 th place x100 m medley relay


  • 7 th place 50m freestyle


  • Bronze 50 m freestyle
  • Silver 4x100m medley relay
  • Bronze 4x100 m freestyle relay

Debrecen (European Championships Long Course):

  • 4th place 50 m freestyle
  • 6 th place 4x100 m medley relay

London (Olympics):

  • 31st place 100 m freestyle

Lima (World Junior Championships):

  • Bronze 50 m freestyle
  • 4th place 4x100 m medley

Belgrade (European Junior Championships):

  • Silver 50 m freestyle

Banja Luka (Balkan Junior Swimming Championships):

  • Gold 50 m freestyle
  • Gold 4x100 m freestyle
  • Bronze 100 m freestyle

Corfu (Multination Junior Swimming Meeting):

  • Gold 50 m freestyle
  • Bronze 4x100 m freestyle

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